Not a BULLY - Bull Breed Acrylic Necklace

Not a BULLY - Bull Breed Acrylic Necklace


This clear acrylic necklace charm is about 2.5" at it's longest point, with a stained glass effect of pretty roses behind the pup, which helps it catch the light in a really lovely and delicate way. I've set these charms onto a 16" silver plated chain to sit at just the right level (in my opinion).

I've only ever had lovely positive encounters with Bully Breeds of dog, yet people still like to think they are quite literally nasty bullies. 

All breeds can have bad eggs, but the media likes to create a frenzy of fear, leaving these poor pups in rehoming centres all over the UK, as they are no longer fashionable and deemed to be 'dangerous'. Go to your local rescue shelter, connect with the lonely pups there and give them a second chance at life. 

Go on, show your support for this lovely breed, spread the word, 'NOT A BULLY'.

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