Time To Go

Time To Go


On the 27th December 2016, the world was heartbroken at the loss of a great heroine, Carrie Fisher. She was most iconically known as Princess Leia Organa, but she crept into the hearts of millions through her brilliant honesty and sense of humour on social media too.

I created 'Baby Leia' first the day we heard she'd passed to help process my own grief. But of course, the very next day, her sensational actress mother, Debbie Reynolds was to follow her over to the other side. This is where 'Time to go' appeared over the coming days.

This touched us all, the bond between mother and daughter is difficult to rival, this tragic loss proves as much. 

I only have 25 of this version printed, using a smooth white paper and high quality printing process thanks to Awesome Merchandise, my main supplier.

The original was created using watercolour pencils, a mixture of acrylic paint pens, fine line pens and my tears.

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