Uni-pug Acrylic Necklace

Uni-pug Acrylic Necklace


This adorable Uni-pug necklace will add a happy splash of colour to any outfit. Translucent laser cut acrylic necklace on a 16” silver plated chain, with a lobster clasp for fastening.

Inspired by my best friend's pug (Mr Bisley aka Bizzle Boo) 'Unipug' or 'Pugicorn' eternally has his tongue hanging out while he gallops past rainbows. He poops priceless golden nuggets under rainbows for leprechauns to find!

This clear acrylic necklace has a stain glass effect, with light being able to filter through the rainbow. The charm size is about 2.5" at it's widest, and is set on a Silver Plated 16" necklace chain.
This design is ridiculously cute and silly, and I love it. I hope you do too!

Designed by Lady Gabe.

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