Lady Gabe and Little Moon

Hey there, I'm Lady Gabe (Hannah Gabriel). I am a freelance Designer and Illustrator based in Cheltenham, UK.

Whimsical Art & Geekery began officially in 2014, but I've been actively creating since I was a toddler. My Dad is a Graphic Designer and a realism artist, so growing up I've been lucky to witness gorgeous creations through him.

However, my imagination is wild, much like my Mum's, so I took the creativity I'd inherited from my Dad, and applied the imagination of my Mum to later become 'Lady Gabe', selling original personalised art, chunky jewellery, geek inspired prints, greeting cards and much more. My creations are built on my interpretation, and although I can create realism work, I am much happier living in a world of wonder and quirky interpretation of what I see and feel around me. 

Practising in a range of mediums, I'm always expanding my creative knowledge. From watercolour paintings and pen doodles, to digital design and branding. 

Lady Gabe was built to help express the beauty I see in the world, to build connections with the community through creative workshops and to promote positive self care through 2 of my key projects, Project Pattern to benefit mindfulness and the Selfie Project to boost my self esteem and explore my alter ego, Little Moon.

I'm always looking to build connections and further my experience, so if you want to collaborate, discuss a commission, or just meet for a hot choccy and a chat, drop me a message through the contact page. I'd love to connect with you.