Lady Gabe | Imperfect Human

Hey there, I'm Lady Gabe (Hannah Gabriel). I am a freelance Creative based in Cheltenham, UK.

Lady Gabe came to life as a result of my love of illustration, and how art can express many emotions or be perceived in many ways. Over the years, my work has consistently had a focus on mental well-being, creating with the purpose of building connections, understanding anxiety and how to navigate the world with mental illness.

This led me on to publishing an activity book in 2018, Eunoia & You, focusing on simple mindful activities that anyone can enjoy from the comfort of their home, alone or with groups of people.

Eunoia & You [yoo - noy - ah] is now an online community and operates as an interactive and creative workshop, based in the Cotswolds. The workshops last anything up to 2 hours and promote positive self care through mindful activities and creative self exploration.